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Ulskandar World Concept (Tale Foundry)

Base Concepts:
  • Ulskandar is a world where there are many different varieties of sapient species that live on the surface of the globe, and beneath it in the Underdark. The world’s sapient species do not always live exclusively in communities made up of their own kinds, and many of Ulskandar’s villages, towns and cities are multi-racial and ethnic places. In addition, there are a whole raft of semi-sapient and non-sapient species, many of which are monstrous, that inhabit the wilds and sometimes the settlements of Ulskandar.
  • The most eminent scholars in Turoza are in agreement that the world of Ulskandar is in the third of three eras, the Settlement Era, whose beginning coincides with the peoples of Turoza beginning to settle down in established geopolitical units. The beginning of this current era is still hotly contested by scholars.
  Global Technology Level:
  • The base technology level for Ulskandar can be characterised as being like that of 12th Century Medieval Europe. That is not to say that other elements of technology are excluded, but it acts as a base line.
  • The advent of Magic in Ulskandar (see below) certainly muddies the water with regards to what is possible, but equally some areas of the world, and some classes of society have access to drastically different levels of technology than others.
  • For many of the people in Ulskandar, magic is a known phenomenon, but the majority of people have likely never directly experienced magic or seen it in action. Magic can be used by any practitioner for good or ill, at the end of the day the ethics of its use come down to the conscience of the individual magic user.


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