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A god devoted to learning and knowledge in the Pantheon of the North, Mímir is considered to be the most aloof and clinical of the Pantheon’s deities, whose skills can bring great advantage to those who know how to attract his attention.

Divine Domains

The areas of influence over which Mímir has a specific interest are wisdom, knowledge and learning. This not only covers being innately wise, but also the acquiring of knowledge as opposed to just intrinsically knowing things. These areas mean that on the Material Plane, Mímir’s followers have a tendency to cluster together, with his Lectors congregating in monastic institutions rather than trying to establish themselves within communities, as the Lectors of many of the Pantheon’s other deities are wont to do. Given his focus areas, Mímir does not find a great deal of traction for his cult within the settlements and towns of the north, as there are not enough learned individuals to be able to sustain viable temple communities, though some cities do have a small temple to Mímir, often connected to buildings such as archives, libraries etc., which are often staffed by Lectors of Mímir.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Mímir is associated closely with two symbols, a key and a set of scales. These symbols represent Mímir’s position as the deity within the Pantheon who holds the key to knowledge and is able to bestow it on those who impress him, whilst the scales represent how knowledge and information can be used for both good and evil, depending upon the motivation of the wielder. Devotees of Mímir will tend to wear trinkets and jewellery that is key shaped, but some, especially those who sit in high office of one sort or another, will wear the symbol of the scales to remind them of the onus of their responsibilities.


Given the prime association of Mímir with knowledge and education, something that is only really widespread amongst the wealthier families in the north of Turoza, there are no official, widespread holidays dedicated to Mímir. Feasts dedicated specifically to Mímir will instead tend to be regularly celebrated within specific institutions. Monastic communities dedicated to Mímir will have monthly feasts to celebrate their patron deity, whilst the Ravendorp School of Political & Military Science has an annual feast dedicated to the god to celebrate the date of their founding as an educational institution.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

For Mímir, the goal for his activities on the Material Plane is to gather as much knowledge as possible. For Mímir the goal is not exactly to facilitate the spread of information, as if he got his way then he would be the repository of all knowledge and information, a goal that even he has to admit is futile. Instead, Mímir focuses on the collection of knowledge from across the Material Plane, and the creation of new knowledge, either through his own activities, or through those of his followers. Even though the thought of Mímir supporting and giving knowledge and skills to a base of follows rather flies in the face of his desire to be the fount of all knowledge, it does provide him with a regular source of offerings and sacrifices that help to sustain him in his cause, and gives him a resource base of people to encourage out into those areas of the world where he might find it more difficult to gather knowledge, where his power is not as strong.
Divine Classification

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