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Tydas was created by three very magical and very powerful dragons who traveled the universe.   The solar dragon Fax, the lunar dragon, Lumina, and the crepuscular dragon, Noctys made a pact that they would over watch their treasure of a planet together but they couldn't be there at all times and as such appointed a man to rule over the planet in their stead.   This man was the first of the Elantine bloodline and through him many other kings ruled over Tydian lands with a golden heart and an iron fist.   Now that the most recent ruler, King Coridan as been mysteriously slain by shadow magic, his son Sol must rule now.   Meanwhile, in a forest all by her lonesome is Tarana, an Asrailian who is plagued with a curse that makes her attract every male within her radius. Living alone is the only way to solve that for the time being, but something bigger is in store for the woman's future. Tara and King Sol's paths will cross in ways, unlike anything they've ever imagined.         This world is the setting for Bitzsoi's fantasy romance series Chronicles of Tydas