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Ty Vandor

514 AMF

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It is taught that at the dawn of the world, all was peaceful. The light cast by suns of Blue, Yellow and Red were caught and refracted by the crystals of the Goddess Dimmenze. This sacred light cleansed and sustained all living creatures here on Ty Vandor. The stars were bright and ever-present in the sky, and nighttime was unknown.   One day, the largest and brightest star, Ilmir the Proud, died. It collapsed into itself, devouring its nearby kin. From the rotted remains of those shattered stars, the omnimalevolent Angra-Mineyu was born into the Heavens. Nearly all creatures and Gods who saw it were filled with a mindless fear, and a voracious darkness was poured in their souls, twisting them with myriad curses into a fleeting and . They became a swarm of mindless mouths, blighting the land and devouring all of creation. The mounting darkness would go on to swallow all but the brightest lights in the darkening sky.   Even as all of creation was enveloped in seemingly endless night, Dimmenze resisted. She hid within her Ayleid caverns, her starlit home, cultivating her crystals which contained the refracted light of now-dead stars mixed with earthly fire. With them, she lured the tainted hoards of Darkness into her lair where she trapped and cleansed as many as she could.   Wounded by this action, and the actions of all Gods who resisted him, Angra-Mineyu’s expansion slowed to a careful crawl. He no longer challenged the brightest lights directly for fear of retribution. Creatures of the light were left to develop into domesticated and sentient beings under the Guidance of Dimmenze, but all races that now live are dark-touched, forever altered by Angra-minyu’s curses of hunger, thirst, aging, want, disease, and death. Creatures of darkness have also festered, bolstered and warped by sinful wants.   The two now fight a proxy war using creatures that would side with them, each imparting power to their champions, and each seeking to kill the other by destroying or converting the creatures who wield godly power. Dimmenze spreads her power thin to help as many as she can, but darkness spreads like wildfire where light must be carefully cultivated. That is why we must always act in our best nature and toil in ways that would keep Angra-Minyu from gaining footholds. We must also break his power where we find it manifest.   It is the sacred charge of you, her servants, to explore the Darklands, to slay all manifestations of evil, and to restore this world to righteous glory.


Plausible Deniability

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

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The Last Will and Testament of Auntie 'Sella

Dungeons & Dragons 5e

At least one young hero comes to the frontier to read the Will of Auntie 'Sella