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Public Announcement

Elder Jazzach made this announcement to the Northern Warrior Mermaid tribe the day that Almeta Bearach was to head to the Turtle Island Doorway.
"As you all know, I love my brother."
  There were lots of head nods and eye-rolls at this first sentence. Many Mermaids could be seen to relax, as if "It's only about Almeta, not a national emergency then." I can't agree with them, even if I didn't know about the almost-extinct Guardians and the role of artifacts in Turien life.
"And if anything ever happened to him you would all know it."
  Murmurs of agreement. They all knew something had been going on recently.
"As you are probably aware that something has been going on with his health recently."
  More nodding. "Health, girl problems" I heard whispers. I hope they don't mean me.
"As such, I have made the decision to send him to our family down South to recover for a few years."

  'Why is this a mandatory attendance public announcement?' Someone yawned. KLO-MeuiMei stopped me from doing something at the time, though.
"However, I will not be stepping down from an Elder in the middle of my term. I hope this will help alleviate any concerns you might have."

  The murmurs were a little louder here. A few people actually did look relieved. Particularly that young female wearing the latest coral headset. I'll have to keep my eyes on her. Some of the Egguard looked a little pale. Someone else noted that it wasn't that much of a relief as Elder Jazzach had tried to step down from her position five times already for AB. Their partner noted that this time she isn't even trying so it mustn't be as bad this time.
  I was ready to head back to AB, but Elder Jazzach added this at the end.
"While he is recuperating in a safe environment, I will have the Half-mermaid-Naiad, Mimi Lakes, accompany me weekly for spar training."

  Imma what?
"That is all."
    That night, AB, Elder Jazzach, KLO-MeiMei, my KLO friend from team 5 (though she is still hidden), Diplomat Indra Mayder, the Wandering Fellow (he has an artifact that lets him breathe underwater) and I went to Turtle Island. MeiMei and Team 5 were not allowed out of the Turtle current and couldn't see anything. Mayder was sent to her usual place (Elder Jazzach promised to chew her out later) but was brought down when I suggested she be a new Interpreter. Mayder wasn't happy about this, but it gives her allowance to come here unimpeded so she said she will think about it.
  AB and I helped each others arms in front of the Doorway for a long time. Even Jazzach didn't stop us this time.
  He left. I can feel it. I hold the brooch to my chest and I won't let it go. I can feel his strength. He'll be okay.
  I promised Jazzach to let her know how he is going. She will also help train me, with the Wandering Fellow.
  It'll be okay.
  It will be.
  (Tear stains)


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