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Guardian Interpreters

As well as Guardians being unknown in today's world, so too are Guardians' interpreters. With no new artifacts being made, though, and artifacts rarely being used but just displayed as collectors' trinkets or bragging rights of the rich and powerful, there is even less need of Interpreters. All have died, except for the Methuselah Dryad. But even then, I'm not sure he is actually alive. Do ghosts talk? And sit on rocks? His hair was well brushed...
  Even if someone with an artifact finds their Guardian, their artifact will interpret the language for the person chosen by the artifact. This is what happened to AB and I. But for others, or those who want to make new artifacts, Interpreters were necessary. (I did get kinda lost in the make new artifacts part of the conversation. Like, I heard it, and I can feel it stuck in my brain, but I can't understand it. Ah, too bad I didn't have Taegrin there.)
  I don't know if Methuselah Dryad has talked to anyone for centuries. Even though he was so slow at speaking, he kept going until the sky started to lighten.
  After another really, really slow laugh, the Methuselah Dryad gently folded into the wind. And I found myself back at the waterfall.
  Was it real?
  The fear is...
  And so is this bottle. I have some water from the pond. And a message. I was told to give this to the Turtle Guardians. Apparently, Interpreters were also messengers between Guardians and set up Guardian meetings. The Dragonfish Guardians do not who is even left of the Guardians as there are no more Interpreters to go between them.
  I am reminded of Diplomat Mayder for some reason... I feel like she could do this job... i wonder if I can recommend her...
  Was it real?
  The fear is...
    Council Notes
Adira: I don't know whether to be horrified of how much we have lost of our history and cultures or fall in laughter at the idea of Indra getting more work. She wants to quit her current job, but a Nymph thinks she's good for an even bigger role... No, this is hilarious.


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