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Magical Components

Kvánn Powder
Leaves from the kvánn flower are picked before they bloom and placed in olómlák until they fully bloom. After which they are dried and crushed. The powder has a strong hallucinating effect and is said to cure many diseases
A consentration of sap from the olóm tree which is mixed with water. It is often used as sweetener and to enhance effects and flavour.
Bone salt
A crystalized dust which is found in caves. Nobody knows how they are formed, only that they form in small lumps in very dry caves. The salt is magical and can be used to extract thoughts and dreams from those that use it.
Fairy Tears
The nectar from the fairy flower. An extremely toxic substance that smells sweet. In small doses it gives blue lips, which in some cultures are considered high status.
Moon Dust
Powder from crushed moon rock. The stones fall from the sky and can be seen as blue streaks during the night. The powder is mixed with metals which will make the metal glow blue. If the powder is mixed with blood, it will glow when someone with the same type of blood touches the metal. Adding more types of blood will not make the metal glow.
Wild Silver
A type of silver that forms on the sunny side of green stones. Wild silver is a type of fungus that is used as antibiotics.
A type of rock which is resistant to fire. If it gets crushed to powder it becomes explosive. If it gets further mixed with something basic, it becomes liquid as well.
A type of flower which has multiple purposes. The nectar eases and cures hives and wounds. The crown leaves are poisonous and can be used as tranquilizer.
Fire Mountain
A liquid which is highly flammable and volatile. It sticks to everything and is hard to remove. It is poisonous to inhale.
Heart Acid
An acid which can corrode metals like iron, steel and copper. The acid is harmless towards humans, but leaves a black mark on the skin if you're exposed to it over a long period. It is often used for magical rune tattoos.

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