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Galzanite is a pale lavender mineral commonly found in crystalized form or in a specific kind of mushroom. The crystals are found underground in veins and have to be mined out, typically from a mineshaft. When found underground, they're found either in geodes imbedded in the rock, or in crystals growing out from cave walls. They're used as jewelry, decoration, and even used for spiritual purposes. The mushrooms are eaten by most people at many meals, and are found in caves or in special gardens.


Material Characteristics

Galzanite, in any shape, is a gradient of deep blue, purple, and pastel pink. The crystals, in any form are the purest form of galzanite. They form inside geodes that grow inside stone underground, they can form as points along the walls of caves or tunnels, or they can be found in ore veins that need to be refined. When it's in its crystal form, it's semi transparent, and light glints through the faces. The base where it begins to grow is a deep blue, while the very tips are a bright, pastel pink with each end fading into a violet center.

Geology & Geography

Galzanite is most often found underground in caves, and has been found as shallow as only a few feet into the ground, and found as far down as anyone has traveled before. It's a very common material, found in every part of the known world in every cave and in every mine ever dug. It is also often found in foods that grow out of the ground, so it is believed that traces of it can be found in the dirt.

History & Usage


It is believed by many that galzanite is the building block for all forms of life, as it can be found in so many things and in so many places. People all throughout history have been using it for jewelry or for accessories, it has even been used to make paint that sparkles many colors at once. Many of the uses for galzanite have been cosmetic, but it's been proven to be a very important resource for the Petralumen species as it improves their physical state. When part of a person's diet, it helps their gem growth and physical condition.

Everyday use

The most common use of galzanite is actually not a gemstone at all, it's a mushroom. There is a species of mushroom that is rich with galzanite and is a very important part of the Petralumen diet. It helps them grow and makes their body stronger and more resilient. It's often fed to children to help them become healthy adults, and many adults try to keep it in their diets to improve gem growth and overall health.

Cultural Significance and Usage

There is a belief that the first living being was galzanite, and she then created all the rest of life on the planet. For her creation, she was the first to be given a place amongst the gods in the stars. People who share this or similar beliefs also believe that having galzanite in their possession can bring them closer to the planet, to their communities, and even to the goddess herself.


Trade & Market

There is always a demand for galzanite crystals in jewelry, accessories, idols, and figures, and there's always a demand for galzanite mushrooms as well. It can be found in all forms in many markets across the world, and in everyone's homes in one form or another. The price varies depending on how you buy it, for instance, a geode might be very cheap, but a carved and polished figure might be very expensive.

Extremely common
Melting / Freezing Point
2000 F
Common State


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