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High Tryperian

The High Tryperians, or the old lords, are the ethnic aristocratic class within the central empire of Tryperia. They are a race of slavers, diabolist cultists, and sorcerer kings. In ancient times they were the masters of an unrivaled empire, but now their race is old and their holdings retreat before rebellious upstarts.   High Tryperians are an ancient race and it often shows even in individuals. They are generally tall and lithe, hoary skinned and often gaunt. It is not uncommon for them, particularly males, to be completely without hair from crown to toe. Their age is difficult to determine because the young frequently appear older than they are, and the very old younger. They sometimes decorate their bodies with eldritch designs, not tattooed but depressed into their skin through an unknown method. Their eyes can be a variety of colors including black, blue, green, or more exotic colors such as purple or yellow.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Leane, Zopora, Kedean, Quistha, Shan, Opora, Kezmara

Masculine names

Esto, Thir, Zildir, Mordam, Heskir, Banarus, Zirkov

Family names

Heradikus, Naram, Quesihr, Sigmir, Zopir, Vaknov, Kekedius, Zklerius Thekhai, Pirus


Major language groups and dialects

High Tryperians speak Eperian Superior, a dialectic variation of Eperian Franca.

Culture and cultural heritage

High Tryperians culture is built upon the assumption of superiority. They are the oldest standing empire on Trimyra and are an old race. Their culture is rulership and aristocracy, the ostentatious and entitled standing on the backs of the oppressed.

Shared customary codes and values

High Tryperian value that which is High Tryperian. Their values are narcissistic in nature. They value the superiority of their culture and the flaunting of their ancient traditions. There is no way but Tryperian, all others merely play at civilization.

Common Dress code

High Tryperians dress to impress. Clothing is used to show status. Clothing is often overwrought and gaudy but traditionally drab in color, almost always black and drimmed in dark colors.

Art & Architecture

Tryperian architecture is gothic and authoritarian. Their black spired towers stretch upwards to impractical heights, their peaks, even those resting on a common footprint, stagger in unsettling yet somehow ordered fashion.

Coming of Age Rites

The Burning is a ritual in which the young men must live in a mock village for a year with megar provisions and minimal servants, living an a twisted mirror of the lives of "lesser" races, after wich the village and the servants are burned in a display of disdain.

Funerary and Memorial customs

The funerary traditions of the High Tryperians are notably simplistic, in contrast to their hauty lifestyle. Funerals are little more than a dressing of the dead followed by a brief observing before the body is moved into laberinthian catacombs and sepulchres.

Common Taboos

To stoop to do service to someone other than a High Tryperian or to worship none Tryperian gods is considered a taboo.

Historical figures

The Emperor Tryphon, The Emperor Naririan, The Emperor Adorz, The Emperor Synthian, The Priest-Lord Vishnov, Drealem the Silver Prince, The Emporer Zel


Courtship Ideals

High Tryperian marriages are almost always arranged at a very young age. Tryperia's blood augurs are consulted to make certain maximum racial purity and viability is maintained.
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