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4487 N.D.

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Trimyra is a harsh and brutal, barbaric world. From the jungles of the dark peoples to the south up through the Yellow Desert, the Sea of Electros, the timeworn empires of the hoary Tryperians, and into the icy north of the godless iron tribes it is a world full of turmoil, hardship, chaos, and intrigue, as well as riches, adventure, and heroism.   It is a world rich with culture, From the devil worshipers of Shaurax to the nomadic mendicants of Midikin, from the swarthy fire walking tribes of Janni to the fair haired seafarers of the frozen coasts, from the barbarian sorcerers of the unnamed blacklands, to the opulent merchant kings of the ostentatious city state of Sacire. A traveler in the world of Trimyra will find no end of wonders and horrors, novelties and traditions, heroes and monsters.

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