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If you are in anyway squemish, sensitive to blood, guts, and gore, hate murder, death, violence, and cannot stand serial killers or horror, please, please, PLEASE refrain from reading this world or article.

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It's that time of the year again! October has arrived and so have the spooky stories! This also means World Anvil's "Spooktober" is back! What does that mean?  
Spooktober is a creative writing and art challenge that runs in October each year! Creators of all kinds are inspired by a collection of Halloween-themed prompts to create art, poems, prose and more, and share them on social media with the hashtag #Spooktober. The Spooktober challenge will get you in the spooky spirit of Halloween, and inspire you to create! So, here’s the list of Spooktober writing prompts!  
by World Anvil
by World Anvil
There are no rules to this challenge beyond having fun! Of course, you can approach the prompts in any order, and complete as many or as few as you like!   If you want to claim your Spooktober badge (on the left), make sure you submit your entries as World Anvil URLs in the comments of this article!   For those using screen readers, here are the prompts in text format:   1 moon 2 hunt 3 blood 4 mist 5 hollow 6 glow 7 grave 8 stone 9 ice 10 rune 11 bone 12 rot 13 wild 14 ghast 15 fang 16 dance 17 shiver 18 harvest 19 crimson 20 scent 21 dust 22 flame 23 spore 24 dark 25 heart 26 shiver 27 blade 28 ruin 29 claw 30 shadow
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