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A lush, earthlike planet sitting smack dab in the goldilocks belt of their solar system. With a mass almost three times that of earth, and a radius of almost 9000km, one will find there a lot of planet to explore. However, almost 80% of the surface is covered in water, and/or ice. Still, that’s a lot of land to explore… Peculiarly, there's a lot of things about the planet that are just inherently wrong... Slightly off... And disturbingly aberrant... A perfect rotational cycle, gravity far lower than it should be, and a traceable pattern for the magma currents and fault lines... Something about this place is just not natural... But what of it? For now, perhaps it would be best to tend to more pressing matters. Such as what sorts of things one may encounter during their visit. One thing to consider is the differentiation between the sapient fauna and the others. The main inhabitants you will find on the mainland will be the Sallok, bipedal reptiles ferrying themselves about tending to focus their efforts to bettering their society and bolstering their defenses against the hostile wildlife. Though take care which nation you visit, not all of them are so open to outsiders. Travel to Leton to breathe the warm steam in the air, the smell of rain and blood permeating the senses. Find yourself in Vsteli to bask in the intense heat, where water is sacred and not to be spilled. For reasons of efficiency, and for safety... Go to Ghorbas, and taste the diesel in the air as the engines thrum and machines crank with fury. Sometimes among the wetter climates, you may find a small hamlet of Syphrauk, small mind reading birds who’s power arcs through the air as lightning bolts channeled into devices. Then there are the Jhurl (whom the Letons call “salbutamol”), the leviathan city giants residing in the surfaces of the great oceans of the world. Hosting entire colonies of the serpentine Slsk’gr (referred to as “salzar” in common tongue) where their machines have heartbeats and their equipment breathes with them. No matter whom you visit, you will find masters of the biological there. Be it in medicine, cultivated labor, bioagriculture, or things more sinister and malicious. To the ‘southern’ pole, you will find the warm blooded Khloqdahl tribes, mining deep into the snow capped mountains in search of gems and hunting amidst the icy lands for food and fighting for territory. Further from the shore and you will encounter the Aloqdahl, savage beasts whom are only just now learning to form social groups... And are all the more dangerous for it. Then there the Dahl b’ghon whom crawl above and below the iced waters, nestling into heat vents and warm currents flowing to them... Regardless of where one finds themselves, they will have to exercise caution when exploring outside and even inside civilization. Times are tense, the beasts are territorial, and the people are armed and frightened. Welcome to Treiach. Don’t delve too deep lest risk falling yet deeper.

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