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Transformers: Sparkpulse

Created by

The war on Cybertron is going for a long time with no end in sight, but Bumblebee’s spark shines bright. He’s the youngest ( and the last) cybertronian, who was found with no memories by Autobots.     He’s absolutely sweet and probably the nicest bot you can find, who can quickly make friends with almost everyone. But echoes of his forgotten past haunt him, taunt him, remind him that he must work tooth and nail if he wants to save everyone.     His weak, fragile body and malfunctioning spark may seem big obstacles, but the minibot has a gift: he can sense the sparks of other living beings. The minibot can cease conflicts brewing within Autobots…or pit Decepticons against each other.     Bumblebee is full of secrets, and those are mysteries even to himself.