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Greetings, Dear Reader, and welcome to my opus. Within these pages you will read many accounts spanning millenia. These are the accounts of people bearing power on a scale mortals and gods alike would tremble to comprehend. And these are accounts of people far more mundane in nature placed in unusual circumstances. These are the accounts of fantastic places, extraordinary marvels of innovation, and nigh unbelievable creatures.

And these accounts may be the only chance we have to survive what is to come. Well, the only way you can survive. By reading this, you confirm that I've already lost my chance. I hope you can put these accounts to better use than I. You certainly cannot do worse.

If I am to do justice to presenting you as much information as I possibly can, then I must direct your attention in one of two ways. FIrst, we can discuss the The Grand Struggle. This is, of course, what it is all about.

However, if that topic is just too... nebulous... too distant (and believe me, Dear Reader, I understand something of that), then perhaps you can instead look at this history by the eras I have divided it into. I will do my best to paint you a picture of what you might find in each era, but each realm and story within will, as I am sure you understand, have its own eccentricities.