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Mistress Andiallyra Terrena-Valdon (an-dee-ah-LEER-ah ter-EE-nah-VAL-don| / æn̩ di a 'li ɹə * tɛɹ 'i n̩ə * 'væl dɔn̩ /)

A hero with a little body and a big heart

Mistress of Song Andiallyra Terrena-Valdon (a.k.a. Andi)

Content Warning: Mention of rape (no details)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Andi is in great physical shape, with the body of an athlete.

Body Features

Andi puts a whole lot of sexy onto a three foot frame. She is curvy and soft and just exudes "snuggly".

Facial Features

It is said that Andi's smile could melt the Winter's Bite Glacier, which may be true. She is however, perpetually smiling. When she is not, her face bears her misery with as much vigor as her joy.

Identifying Characteristics

Andi's bright red hair is unusual among allyriposa, and makes her stand out in a crowd.

Physical quirks

Andi can fly in any area that she can outstretch her arms, so she rarely walks anywhere.

Apparel & Accessories

Andi is usually dressed in bright jewel tones, with an abundance of purple and pink. Her armour is enamelled purple and her sword is of some purple dyed metal.

Specialized Equipment

Andi has a magical holy sword and a magical dragonlance.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Andi always knew she would be a Priestess of Carmen. Everybody did. Andi sang before she could talk and played instruments before she could walk (like all Allyriposa she could always fly, and as a matter of fact, she was exceptionally good at it.) As a small girl of the equivalent of about 5 years old, Andi witnessed the Goddess, and her whole life became dedicated to her.

When Andi was about 20, the Goddess Carmen Dragonsong came to the City of Sende, as she was wont to do, and began to regale the populace with song and story (also as she was wont to do). A tiny Andiallyra, with all the fear of a Fairy Dragon, approached the Goddess and asked if she, Andi, could sing for her. Carmen agreed and Andi made up a song on the spot for the occasion, about the Goddess' visit to Sende. So catchy was the tune, that it earwormed the goddess for months following, until she had to return to Sende and find the little girl with the golden voice, and hope that a 20 year old would remember enough of the words to get the song out of her head!

Finding the child proved easier than she thought. Everyone she asked seemed to know immediately who she was referring to, and directed her along to find Andiallyra, the daughter of Terrena the Vintner and Valdon the Confectionist. As she navigated the "streets" of the World Tree, she learned more and more about everybody's darling, who brought joy to everyone she met.

The girl sat crosslegged in front of a large, and obviously prosperous, candy shop busking for pennies. She had drawn something of a crowd, and Carmen was forced to stop her approach. Then she heard the child speak, and she said, "Y'all are really nice to gimme pennies and I don't wanna say anythin' bad, but y'all are blocking Carmen from getting in my dad's shop." This was met with uproarious laughter, until the now moderately horrified allyriposa realized she wasn't joking.

"That's ok," said the Goddess, "I've actually come to see you, Andiallyra."

Andi began collecting her pennies and said "Andi. Only my mom calls me Andiallyra and that's how I know she's mad."

"Andi it is, then."

To Carmen's delight, not only could the 20-year-old (about equivalent to kindergarten age) remember the song, she had written music for it. Andi taught the song to her idol sitting on the steps of her father's shop, surrounded by admirers. Admirers who continued to toss coins, now silver and gold, into Andi's hat.

When she had learned the song, Andi handed the collected coins to Carmen, and said, "These belong to the temple. I'm going to study there someday."

Carmen used the coins to buy a fine selection of candies and chocolates from Valdon's Candy Shop, with the intention of delivering them to her favorite brother, Oolong.

Before she left, she turned to Andi and said, "Dearest child, I know greatness awaits you, and I foresee your legend surpassing even mine. The doors of my church are always open to you, Andiallyra Terrena-Valdon, Andi. Someday I will ask you to lead my cult, and I hope that my love will guide you to do it. I will always be listening, my love; pray to me and I will hear."

Andi threw her arms around Carmen's leg, and said through delighted sobs and tears, "I love you, Carmen, I want to be like you!"

Carmen picked up the tiny figure and held her gently in her arms. "And so you will," she said.

The Allyri Public School System is divided into 10 grades of 4 years each, starting when the allyri is about 20-25 years old and graduating at about 60-65. Andi graduated at 50. Then the adolescent allyriposa went to the Music Hall of Carmen and joined the priestesshood.

Andi graduated as the first warrior-nun of Carmen Dragonsong at the age of 60. Carmen was highly amused and a little bemused by Andi's choice to be a crusader and, at first, couldn't see how one could be a Knight of Love. But when Andi won the love of the notoriously cold-hearted Oolong Tesseract-Troi, even Carmen became a believer.

30 years later, Andi challenged Diana Lovee-Brandon, the Mistress of Song, to a bard-off for leadership of the church. When Andiallyra soundly handed Diana her arse on a platter, the former Mistress graciously conceded, and asked Andi to teach her the songs she won with.

Andi has led the Church of Carmen Dragonsong ever since.

When Andi was 100. she joined the Order of the Dragon and, within 3 years, had risen to the rank of Dragon Knight only to be named Knight Commander of the Order of Vassals 2 years later.

At 150, Andiallyra successfully set-up a wedding between the Royal Houses Adren-Loren ( Tazerak II ) and the Royal House Kaestlyn-Tazerak ( Omorose ) and in honour of that accomplishment, The Allyre Tazerak II formed The Knight's Order of the Garter and named Andiallyra as Grand Commander, allowing for a unit of 30 knight Companions, 4 Knight Commanders, and her.

Gender Identity

Andi is a girly-girl


Andi fancies herself a lesbian, but that is simply untrue. She is just insanely picky about her male lovers.


Like all Allyriposa, Andi was educated in the Allyri Public School System where she excelled at music and literature, but suffered in mathematics and the sciences. She is educated as a vintner (wine maker), apiarist (bee keeper) and confectionist/chocolateer (candy maker). in addition to being both a bard and a paladin (of freedom).


Since leaving the school system at 50, Andi has been a warrior-nun in the service of the Maiden of Song. Andiallyra is both the Mistress of Song and Duchess of Sende; she is a Knight of the Dragon, and a General Officer in the Armies of Alarah.

Accomplishments & Achievements

Andiallyra rose to the rank of Mistress of Song at the age of 90, making her the youngest religious leader in the history of the Allyri. She would say that her greatest accomplishment was melting the cold heart of The Black Dragon.

Andi's Magnum Opus is a piece called "Song Written On An Elf's Back, in the Summertime, in the Rain". What makes the piece unique is that, the elf in question had been brutally whipped, many times, and his back was crisscrossed with scars. He was self conscious about it, and knew of no way to get rid of them. Even if he had, he would have been to proud to ask.   Andi has a psychic ability that allows her to heal scar tissue, but she has to touch it, trace the scar with her fingers. So on the hottest day of the year, one of the party set a decanter of endless water to geyser into the air, creating an effect like rain. The ground became muddy and Andi smeared the mud on the elf, Shaundar Sunfall's back, and drew musical notation on his back, tracing the scars. A bunch of the party picked up their instruments and began to play what she wrote. She had created a masterpiece while she healed the elf's scars -- without him even knowing it.

Mental Trauma

When Andi was 80 years old, she was kidnapped and raped by brigands. This left her traumatised and generally afraid of being alone with men. The exceptions to this rule are Tazerak II, Oolong and Valdelock. She is totally comfortable around these three allyrians.

Intellectual Characteristics

Andi is simply brilliant, though she never makes anyone feel stupid or inadequate.

Morality & Philosophy

Andi truly believes that love is the greatest force in the universe. She is firmly convinced that love can overcome any obstacle and, to her credit, thus far she's been proved right. Andi holds no grudges, forgiving even her rapists, and honestly hoping that they obtain a better life. The undead disgust her, since she sees them as creatures devoid of love.


Andi is a strict vegetarian, like all Allyriposa, and refuses to eat animal products from dead animals; so cheese and milk are fine, but beef steaks? -- out of the question. She will not ,by action or omission of action, harm an innocent person, or allow them to be harmed. Though this taboo affects Andi deeply, she does not extend the taboo to hunters of animals, although she considers most animals to be people.

Personality Characteristics


Andi is motivated by a sincere desire to make every moment better than the last for the people around her. She is totally in love with her lover Oolong and her wife Kylikki and would do anything for them.

Likes & Dislikes

Andi sincerely doesn't understand and thoroughly dislikes mean people. She likes pretty much anything that could be described as "yummy," "soft," "cuddly" or "pretty."

Vices & Personality flaws

Andi is oblivious to the violence inflicted by her loved ones upon the "bad guys." She sincerely believes "Love Can Conquer All."


Andi is impeccibly clean and groomed.


Contacts & Relations

Andi is married to the Lord Magistrate Kylikki of Sanctuary and involved with Prince Oolong Tesseract-Troi. She is the Head of the Order of Vassals of the Dragon, and the Mistress of Song

Religious Views

Andi is the Head of the Church of Carmen Dragonsong

Social Aptitude

Andi is a social butterfly. She fits into almost any social situation and is much loved.


Andi is perpetually happy. She smiles all the time.


Perpetually cheerful, this can be heard in her voice.

Wealth & Financial state

Andi has most of her wealth tied up in the hoard of her draconic companion, Sunshine, but they are both fabulously wealthy.
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A song by Andiallyra
Chaotic Good
Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Mistress of Song
Duchess of Sende
Dragon Knight
Knight Commander
Grand Commander of the Order of the Rose Garter
Current Residence
Temple of Carmen
Bright Blue
Fire Engine Red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Fair and Freckle-y
1m (3 ft 3 in)
20 Kg (45 lb)
Quotes & Catchphrases
<Presents Holy Symbol towards ghoul horde> Ewww, Yucky! <Undead within 20 m disintegrate>
Carmen Dragonsong
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Andi is an Omniglot, an ability granted to her by her Goddess to allow her to spread her light, love, and joy wherever she goes.

A woman in a colourful bard's costume, with red hair and copper dragon wings, playing a violin

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Allyriposa of Sende by The Digital Artist

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Sende by Larisa K

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Blue Dragon Hatching by Torulus

A castle on an ocean cliff at sunset, surrounded by dragons

Castle of Alarah at Sunset by Burakerk

A woman in desert garb with blue dragon wings, wielding a giant sword, with vines and a baby blue dragon at her feet

Kylikki of Sanctuary by HeroForge

A dark-haired, slightly greying man with black dragon wings, in black and red martial arts garb, against a woodland background, with dark wisps rising up from the ground

Oolong Tesseract-Troi by HeroForge

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