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Phaeisstra Do'virr

High Matron Mother Phaeisstra Do'virr

The ruthless Matron Mother of House Do'virr, Phaeisstra assumed control of the house and Ust Natha itself, given that House Do'virr was brought into the ascendancy in recent years, only a couple decades ago following the disappearance of her elder sister into the depths of the Underdark. Having long served as her sister's closest advisor, she was well suited to the role and has ruled with cruel efficiency ever since.

Physical Description

Body Features

Blackish-purple skin, the refined and world-wise look those of her kind achieve after so many long years.

Facial Features

The refined and world-wise look those of her kind achieve after so many long years. High, regal cheekbones. Thin, neatly groomed eyebrows.

Identifying Characteristics

A small birthmark on her hip of two light circles overlapping, one larger than the other.

Special abilities

A Priestess of Lolth, second only in Ust Natha's temple to the High Priestess herself. The powers her Goddess grants her are immense and varied, from agonizingly flaying flesh from bone, to placing commands backed by immense pain or death, to opening gateways for extraplanar creatures Phaeisstra summons and bends to her will or simply looses their bloodlust on her enemies.

Mental characteristics

Morality & Philosophy

Phaeisstra is a natural in the ruthless society Lolth's children have built in her image. In her eyes, her people are masters of the realm, near divine in status, and their banishment underground hasn't changed that. Phaeisstra will stop at nothing to maintain the supremacy of Drow, and believes strict adherence to Lolth's principles is key to doing so.   Moreover, the teachings of her priesthood have instilled the ideal in Phaeisstra that she herself, and the family she rules by extension, are the apex of their own kind.

Personality Characteristics


Lead her house to further expand its power from its position as ascendant house by broadening the power of Ust Natha itself, entrenching a dynasty that will outlast all others in doing so.


Family Ties

Daughters: -Aunuit -Malganna -Tal'breena   Son:

  • Re'vez
  • Alignment
    Neutral Evil
    Current Location
    Ust Natha: High City
    Ust Nathi Noble
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Matron Mother of House Do'virr
    Year of Birth
    739 (423 years old)
    Ust Natha
    Biological Sex
    Homosexual. However, occasionally takes a male consort to sire her children.
    Deep purple
    Long and white, often drawn into a braid
    112 pounds
    Aligned Organization
    House Do'virr

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