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Lilios (Lil-lee-os)


A proud and resilient people who once thrived in their lush and fertile home planet of Lyra, known for their deep connection to nature and spirituality were barely developed enough to warrant first contact when the unfortunate day arrived as their world fell to ruin under the boots of the Kromas. Sadly for these poor individuals, their home world was unusually well seeded with Iketrium, an element not easily found within our universe but that formed the basis for a significant portion of Kromas technology.   Following the invasion of their home, the Kromas quickly established themselves as oppressors, banning the Lilios cultural practices, rituals and even their language forcing them to act as slave labour in their quest for resources. Fortunately, however the Kromas commander in charge of the mission, Commander Zazil, spared the lives of a large portion of the native population not out of mercy, but forced them to act as guides to sources of the precious metal which was serendipitously, or rather unfortunately, a integrated component of the Lilios's religion and culture. Many relics and artifacts were seized and melted down before the Lilios's very eyes.   Over several years the Lilios watched in horror as their beautiful world, once lush in its greenery became grey. Hills of vibrant pink grass and fields of ripe crops were reduced to quarries of rubble and ruin, sparking a level of defiance not seen before in a usually peaceful race. Thanks to the trans-dimensional properties of Iketrium many sacred sites not shown to their invaders remained beyond the detection capabilities of the Kromas armies. These once sacred sites became secret underground refuges for many Lilios children and families, allowing the passing down of traditions and heritage, sparking the beginnings of an underground movement.   Decades passed since the initial invasion and within the deepest shadows of their despair, yet in their darkest moments they cling to a fragile ember of hope, determined to reclaim their heritage, and restore their ravaged planet. Praying to their ancestral spirits the survivors trained in guerrilla warfare and sabotage, hoping their skills might be enough to frighten off their oppressors or make their world no longer worthwhile to harvest.   Over time their sabotage turned to outright rebellion, their attacks becoming more bold with each minor victory. Unfortunately, the Lilios underestimated the tenacity and heartlessness of the Kromas. On just the fifth day of their full rebellion, it seemed they had won. Kromas ground troops withdrew to their ships, leaving abandoned equipment behind as the Lilios people emerged from their caves and trenches, jubilant and hopeful for their newfound freedom. Yet unbeknownst to them, the Kromas were not about to leave this world behind. Unleashing a series of lethal charges that traversed the planet’s atmosphere they ignited a cataclysmic conflagration, engulfing the planets atmosphere in flames and reducing the once luscious world turned quarry, into a lifeless husk, void of all life ready to be mined to the core by automated units.

The Aftermath

With a hundred million lives, snuffed out in an instant, this incident alone formed the basis of the Illadrian pledge of protection.
"Our fates as one, we pledge ourselves to those who stand alone in darkness.
Side by side we shall forge a path of hope.
The calamity that befell the people of Lyra shall never befall others.
To this our pledge is inviolate."


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