A republic in the south-west of Thurásin, bordered in the north by Lithuziiy and Ovük, and the south/east by Ozäxa-Lavüdh.

The Flag

The flag of Glinzüchöl is an angled triband, where the black top and white bottom bands nearly become triangles, beginning at the fly side and intersecting lower on the hoist side. The central band is an electric blue.   This flag derives its colours, but not its layout, from the flag of Zdärrözadh. In that flag, the blue represented the bright waters of the south-western seas and the River Tsädh, the black represented the rich dark soil along that river, and the white the pale beaches. As Glinzüchöl no longer borders the river, some say that the black instead represents the shadows of the western mountains and the war that the country became independent through.


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