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Tiburon A world of kingdoms, republics, wars and intrigue

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Across the world of Tiburon, empires rise and fall like tides on cosmic shores. From the bustling streets of Namor to the windswept dunes of Dhor'kar, a thousand tales unfold beneath twin moons. Here, rat messengers scurry through labyrinthine sewers, carrying whispers of intrigue, while in gilded temples, priests debate the will of capricious gods.   Tiburon pulses with life - a realm where ancient darkness lingers in crumbling ruins, and the drums of progress echo through marble halls. Brave explorers chart unknown waters, seeking mythical lands, as politicians weave webs of alliance and betrayal.   In this world of wonders and perils, every horizon beckons with promise and every shadow holds a secret.   Welcome to Tiburon - where empires are built on the bones of the past, and the future is written in ink, blood, and gold.