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Autumn 1303

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What Is Thronemaker?

is a campaign of medieval politics and warfare. The campaign will feature elements of classic adventuring, but with more focus on diplomacy, intrigue, and kingdom management. The choices they make along the way will determine the fate of their House and the kingdom itself.   The only way to "win" is to take back the throne. That is the endgame and the ultimate goal.


The PCs are local vassals, court staff, folk heroes, landed knights, and other people of clout and importance who swore fealty to House Fairborn of Kavania. During Sadon's Conquest, the PCs were called to support their liege lord Leed Fairborn to defend the country and keep it an independent kingdom. However, House Fairborn and their allies were defeated after their seat of Fairhome was besieged by king Sadon Culver and his forces. Each of the player characters escaped with their lives. However, the Fairborns were captured and put to the sword, or so most people thought...   Only a few fortnights prior to the beginning of the campaign, Adrea Fairborn was brought out of hiding ten years after the fall of her house. With the young Fairborn heir found alive, House Fairborn now has a strong and legitimate claim to rally the remaining banners and take back their kingdom. But the country is still war torn and fragmented, and after House Fairborn fell, many would need to turn to a new leader. Petty kings, foreign invaders, ambitious companies, and other houses all vie to rule.

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