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Lunaria is the name of the first lunar colony set up on the Moon. It was founded in a join effort between the College of Arcane Metallurgy and the College of Reanimation and is widely considered one of mankind’s greatest achievements. At present it is inhabited entirely by automatons and undead astronauts along with a small population of living humans who rotate in and out of the lunar base as needed. Magic is largely impossible to perform on the moon due to a lack of astral space to work magic, but magic spells created on Earth still function there just fine. As a result the entire facility is heavily enchanted, but the ability to generate an inhabitable biome is still being worked on so living beings cannot live on the moon full time.   Undead, due to their lack of need for oxygen, food, or significant quantities of water are the main residents. They direct the automotons in maintaining the facilities and working in the lunar mines to product moon-rock to be sent back to Earth as the colony’s primary export.   Though Lunaria was founded by two of the three Great Colleges it is considered its own sovereign state with its own laws, though like any country it is still subject to the international magical laws enforced by the colleges. This also makes Lunaria the first officially recognized state inhabited purely by the undead which gives it even greater historic precedence.   The lack of astral plane on Lunaria has been a source of much frustration and is only of the biggest obstacles to making the moon fully inhabitable. Theories about as for why it lacks an astral realm but the most common is simply a lack of life. It is known that animals and even plants passively contribute to the world-soul of Earth that generates the astral realm and for that reason the College of Biogenesis has, in recent years, been tasked with creating an inhabitable biosphere for the moon. It is believed that with enough trees and other organisms it might be possible to start using magic on the moon itself which will make it significantly easier to allow living humans to move into Lunaria and, in time, spread out and colonize more of the moon’s surface.   Aside from research the primary function of Lunaria is the mining of moon-rocks. Moon-rocks are highly sought after as a material with a uniquely high capacity to carry enchantments. Refined moon-rock, called moonstone, is a very valuable commodity as a result and Lunaria currently has a monopoly on its production.

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