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Seeing beyond the World

The Calivan Corvid

  This treatise concerns itself with the peculiar ability of crows, ravens and other related birds to perceive the divine (and also their aversion of the gods and angels). This ability is, to the best of my knowledge, unique to these birds or at least they are the ony animals that we can observe reacting to the presence of divine beings.   The behaviour is clearly linked to something more than mere sight, because the birds show clear reaction when we bring a guardian angel close to one of our aviaries, the birds show clear distress, a panicked behaviour that we can only compare to the terror of being in the presence of a predator, despite the blasphemous connotations the uneducated mind may see in such a descriptions.   This panic also manifests if the birds wear a hood to obscure their vision or in fact when there is an entire building between the birds and the divine.   Of course our primary concern has been to explain this reaction cosmologically, and to determine the nature of this ability. Despite our efforts, so far we have been unable to prove any link between the birds and the devilish Thrash, and our attempts to commune with our divine betters have gotten nowhere. Whatever the answer to this riddle is, either the Gods do not wish to know it yet, or they are unable to communicate the proper answer to us.   The latter option terrifies me to my core. If there is something stopping our allmighty protectors from answering our prayers at all times, why on something so insignificant as mere birds? Is there something more to these beasts? Perhaps we would be best to release these beings back into the wild, where they can be with whatever infidel powers that ward them. I shall pray on this matter and hope the gods gift me with guidance, so that we can determine what the proper course of action may be.
— excerpt from the private diary of Archbishop Ignatius

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