Queen Maiqa

The last Queen of the Kodiri Empire, Maiqa led in troubled times, having inherited the throne from her mother, Queen Hiwumoko, who saw the once-great Empire fracture into nine lesser states. She took the throne young, at the age of one hundred and one (in the year 1309 of the Dawn Era) - nine years before she would be considered of age. She started to piece together the fractured nation over the course of her rule, but the faults of her mother overshadowed her rule, and many people considered it time for a change of pace. A civil war errupted, and finally, in 1253 of the Dawn Era, she was assassinated, and her dynasty ended. She'd had a child by then, a boy barely out of infancy, who was spirited away by a maid. His eventual fate is considered one of the great mysteries of the Dawn Era. The most likely claims are that the maid found an early portal, and took him to seek refuge in far shores, or - more likely - that their bones remain somewhere in the deserts beyond the mountains.


Emperor Veshir I

Enemy (Vital)

Towards Queen Maiqa



Queen Maiqa

Enemy (Vital)

Towards Emperor Veshir I




Veshir and Maiqa first met soon after her coronation, when she called a peace summit consisting of all the leaders of what had once been the territory of the Kodiri Empire. Veshir reacted with disdain towards Maiqa's efforts for peace, and later waged war on and slew her.

1410 D.E. 1253 D.E. 157 years old
Black and striking
Black and sleek, but always kept covered
Aligned Organization
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