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19th of Kaksitoista, 5926

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Thoroth is a high-magic medieval fantasy realm with endless horizons intended to be the perfect play space for any fantasy RPG group. A diverse land steeped in culture, breathtaking scenery, and endless adventure.   Within Thoroth includes the Japan-inspired feudal hotbed of Egra, cut off from the rest of Thoroth, where players have the opportunity to become noblemen, build a wizard's tower, start a thieves' guild, etc. Or, perhaps players would prefer the centralized melting-pot port city of Varok, currently suffering political upheaval and the looming threat of a dark and hungry god rising. Additionally can be found the theocracy of Eberhearth in Ebren where players can engage in a business opportunity and join the Procuration Corporation, participating in contracted adventuring for others who are unable to do so themselves.   Regardless of player preference or group style, Thoroth is certain to be a wonderful stage for any roleplaying group.