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Taidakic Field

A fifth fundamental force along with electromagnetism, gravity, the strong nuclear force and the weak nuclear force. These fields are associated with several particles:
  • Taidakons, which emit a Taidakic Field in all directions (away from itself)
  • Antitaidakons, the antimatter variant of the Taidakon, emitting a Taidakic Field in the opposite direction (towards itself)
  • Kaidatons, which do not emit a Taidakic field, but a force will be applied to a Kaidaton in the direction of the Taidakic field.
  • Taidakons and Antitaidakons are both baryons, comprised of 3 quarks, whereas Kaidatons are gauge bosons and therefore do not get an antimatter variant. They have no mass and travel at c.   Taidakons and Antitaidakons are not effected by the Taidakic field unlike the Kaidaton. However, Taidakons can be impacted by Kaidatons that pass through its field. For example, a Kaidaton and Taidakon will repel each other, but a Kaidaton and Antitaidakon will attract. Additionally, Taidakic field flux lines can cross, unlike those of electromagnetic fields.   Increasing the energy of a Kaidaton will increase its frequency, not velocity, as the are massless and travel at c.   Y=X/r^2
    Y is the Taidakic field strength. Vector quantity. (Y) X is the Universal Taidakic Field Constant (2.638x10^-8 Y.m) r is the radius from the Taidakic field source (m)   Taidakon quantum numbers mass 2.045x10^-27 kg spin 0.5 electric charge 0 electric polarizability 5x10-2 fm^3   Kaidaton quantum numbers mass 0 spin 1


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