Eladrin Knowledge Keeper


Tarandor was, even before the Eladrin disappeared, fairly old but wise even beyond his years.
Show spoiler
When the Eladrin were banished by The Witch, Tarandor was given a very specific job...and punishment. He was allowed to "live" while the others slumbered in stasis. Alone with his thoughts and no one to talk to, unable to die.   When Daegon and his friends opened the Eladrin prison, Tarandor told Daegon what had happened, who did it and why.   We do not know what became of him after the seal was opened, but it is expected that he perished along with The Witch and those who ascended.


Elderly and arrogant, Tarandor was the embodiment of the Eladrin way of thinking.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 196