Orc Leader


Sarn was once the leader of a band of viscous orcs which organized themselves on the base of Stonesunder mountain. It seemed that they may have gathered there to try to take the mountain for themselves, but King Stonesunder was not willing to put his men in danger if others were willing to take care of the trash for him, and as such made an agreement with traveling Winterhaven Knights.   Those knights came into Sarn's camp and murdered him in battle, sealing their contract with King Stonesunder and leaving the orcs leaderless.  


Orcs have a particular look to their leaders, which usually amounts to who is the biggest, and who is the most frightening. Fear is what controls a battle, or so the orc believe, and so Sarn was the biggest, meanest, and ugliest orc among his own. A mountain of a beast, with many scars on his face and chest, more delivered by his own hand by any enemy, because on battle he was nearly untouchable do to his long reach and deadly blows.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 42