Rebecca Barant

Human Councilwoman


Rebecca Barant is one of three members of the Council, which is a main governmental structure in the Overwatch. Together they take on bureaucratic matters, and effectively rule the city in King Carter’s absence.  
Show spoiler
After the execution of Commander Grace there was a power vacuum within the Overwatch, and combined with King Carter’s lengthy absence this left the Council to take care of even small disputes. Stretched to the limit, the three members split up to deal with the amount of work separately.   Soon after this, Marcus Sana pulled rank to speak directly with Councilor Barant about matters of “an upmost safety to the Overwatch.” He showed her a forged letter condemning Captain Tenbolt to treason and gave further evidence, after which Barant spoke with rest of the Council. They investigated Marcus’s claims, and that day sentenced Captain Tenbolt to death while promising Marcus he would be given a promotion for his loyalty.


Councilor Barant is an “eagle-eyed” older woman who wears glasses, and gives off the distinctive air of a bureaucrat. She’s made a living working in the government and solving disputes, and never looks happy to see anyone as the main reason people come to her is because of a problem. Barant is law abiding, rational, and loyal to the Overwatch.
First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 59