Ora Klad

Drow Matriarch


Ora Klad is the leader of the drow that live under the eastern part of Theria. She approached Group 3 after they had returned from killing Kealthorn, asking about joining the army taking the fight to the Overwatch since they had killed many drow children.  
Show spoiler
Una told Ora Klad that it was Marcus Sana who had done the deed in order to assure the Drow forces would be fighting on their side, but has intentions to reveal the truth at some point after the war.   Once the war had finished, Ora joined forces with Sariff to help the Drow gain some place to call home and secure their safety on the surface.


Not much is known about Ora Klad, despite that she cares about her people and is keen on vengeance for wrongs done against them

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 61
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