Olfan Titangrip

Warforged Leader


Titangrip was one of the original warforged made in Uman’Yiro. He knew Ironhide and was considered something of a leader among his people, who had lived in Odysia for several years after the city had been abandoned by the Eladrin. After receiving a letter from Ironhide he and around 900 other warforged went to join the fight against the Overwatch.   Show spoiler
Outside the gates of Winterhaven Titangrip encountered Group 1. He showed a great disdain for Malchus in particular but he and Ironhide seemed to have a bond, gladly talking about the situation with the Overwatch’s warforged. During this conversation Ironhide revealed his own negative opinions about the rest of Group 1, which was overheard by Duncan and would cause later strife within the group.   Titangrip fought against the Overwatch, and died along with the other Warforged when Malchus activated the Diara Si’eye.


Titangrip appeared much the same as the other original Warforged, being made out of metal but looking somewhat bulkier and less sleek than those from the Overwatch. He did not care for other’s opinions about him, particularly those of non-Warforged, and viewed most other beings with an air of disgust. Along with the majority of his kind Titangrip harbored loathing against Uman’Yiro for what the city did to their people.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 61