Lariss Darkhoof

Minotaur Leader


It takes a certain balance between man and beast to rule over the race of minotaurs. Too much of one or the other, and one could easily be condemned as either weak or mad. Lariss had to learn both sides of this lesson.   First, when his younger brother became crazed with the notion of Baphomet. He believed the god wanted to minotaurs to take the world as their own, that all other races were inferior and minotaurs were the chosen race. He led his cult to such a frenzy that all Lariss could do was watch. The duty of his crown obligated him to find a way to stop his brother, but his heard weighed heavily- he did not want to murder his own blood.   When he received word that his brother had been killed by Knights of Winterhaven, Lariss felt a poignant mix of relief and guilt that shames him to this day. That was how Lariss learned to not let the beast side of his own nature possess his mind, as his brother had.  
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The second lesson came when his nephew, Kravel Darkhoof, decided that Lariss had grown feeble. For Lariss still fought in battles, he tried to find the peaceful solution if there was one to be had. He'd lost too many in the war with the dwarves, and knew the true price of war. Soon Kravel had a following of loyalists who believed he was the rightful king.   Lariss still debated the morality of his decision when he sent a group of travelers after his nephew. The deal was a simple one- if they took care of that problem, Lariss would help them fight their war, and deem the minotaur Yenward as heir to the throne. The deal was carried out, and the familiar twist of emotions left Lariss caught in a much larger war, and down another family member. For that it how easy it is to be labeled as weak in minotaur society, and Lariss had to be certain that it wouldn't happen again.   It's a fine line, and a good leader needs to tread it very, very carefully.   After the war against Overwatch, Lariss returned home with his remaining brethren and waited to see what happened next.   Some time later, Yenward was found dead and it is unknown if Lariss is still leading the minotaur or if another stepped up to take the position.


Lariss's appearance reflects the duality of his nature. Like all minotaurs he had the head of a bull and the body of a man. He carries himself with the pride of a king, stretching his back and puffing out his chest- hiding the natural hunch of his species. His black horns arch straight back, and his eyes are the same dark shade of brown as his skin and fur. He wears little armor, as most minotaurs see armor as weakness. What little there is is purely decorative, marking him as king. Despite trying to carry himself as a king, he is a monster on the battlefield.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 29
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