Black Dragon


Dragon hunting has always been considered a brave sport in Theria, and only something undertaken by the strongest adventurers. Black dragons are the smallest and most accessible of their kind, living mainly in the Yemgar swamp and preferring to stick to the ground rather than fly. This made them targets for would-be dragon slayers, and over centuries this poaching epidemic led to them being completely wiped out.The last of the black dragons was named Kealthorn, and he outlived the rest of his species due to a combination of wits and age. Over the years his name became legend, as very few ever returned from going to face him and those that did were barely breathing.   Kealthorn was struck down by a small group of adventurers who sought his death mostly for access to the hoard the dragon had built up, with contained among other relics the legendary war hammer Kord’s Fury. They tracked Kealthorn to his cave, and drew him out by striking the side of it. The group then attacked him, and even when the dragon tried to flee they struck him down and effectively ended any chance the black dragons had of reviving.   Kealthorn’s body was skinned in order to make armor from his scales, and his horns were taken by Una Anhelada.  


Though black dragons are small compared to other dragon species, they are still very large and being quite ancient Kealthorn was likely even bigger. His hide was coated in spikes and he was capable of breathing acid. Though not much is truly known about what his personality was, it can be assumed from his history of defeating adventurers that he was quite crafty and intelligent.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 49