Orc Warrior


Gru'un and his group of Orcs disappeared while hunting. Naturally, they blamed the Elves and the leadership of Winterhaven stepped in to assist with the search to help keep the peace in the area.   Fast forward a few days and a group of adventurers commissioned in Winterhaven located the Orcs far to the southeast. They had been picked up by Nu'Val slavers and were being transported to the east to be sold to the highest bidder.   An assault on the slave camp began and in the end, most of the slavers were dead and most of the Orcs had been rescued, Gru'un being one of them.   Gru'un agreed to accept help getting back to the Moz'zog Camp from the group. They brought the lone surviving slaver along with them but along the way, it was decided to allow him to face Gru'un in single combat for his freedom.   The fight went as well as anyone expected, with Gru'un destroying the man piece by piece.   When the Orcs finished celebrating their victory, everyone continued on to the Moz'zog Camp where they were finally welcomed back among the tribe.

First Appearance:
Arc 2, Episode 6
Current Residence
Moz'zog Camp