Ellis Arroway

Human Guard Captain


Captain Ellis Arroway is Durnhollow’s Captain of the Guard. He was first seen patrolling the various shops and houses while Rodswell was preaching to the town’s drunken masses. Captain Arroway unintentionally insulted Ironhide but offered any help should the group need it, and warned them of townsfolk that might have certain predispositions towards non-humans. He later intervened when the young boy stationed at the entrance to Durnhollow ran down Ironhide and Drakonis, possibly saving the boy’s life.  
Show spoiler
When Ironhide, Rodswell, and Yenward were attacked by a group of Nu’val slave traders in the Honest Harlot, Captain Arroway was called in to intervene by Malchus. Unfortunately Captain Arroway was unable to calm the situation with words. Because the Nu’val brings in a large amount of income to the town he did not join the fight until there was truly no other option.   After the Honest Harlot was burned to the ground there was no real hope for Durnhollow, and so Captain Arroway was forced to turn to the Overwatch as the town’s last chance. He was happy to help the Crimson Shield when they arrived to scope out the situation, telling them about what had happened and how the remaining Nu’val traders wanted vengeance. He helped evacuate the town in preparation for the Crimson Shield’s battle with the Nu’val, and the next morning diverted a group of White Ravens (led by Liara) when they came questioning about Briahna’s disappearance.   Sadly. Ellis was killed during the fight between the White Ravens and Overwatch for control of Durnhollow.


Unlike the majority of Durnhollow’s other residents, Captain Arroway is fairly clean-cut and has no overarching prejudices towards non-humans. He does, however, care deeply about the state of the town and its residents and is willing to overlook more unscrupulous actives in order to keep Durnhollow running.

First Appearance:
Arc 1, Episode 36