Da’ Sari’ Gradd Demonic Library

Article written by Patrick C


Located in the Hazaan Mountains, The Da’ S’ari Gradd Demonic Library was created by a group of individuals who dedicated their lives to the study of demons, individuals who made deals with demons, and the various types of pacts that could be made with them.   These individuals tracked down, captured, and tortured tieflings in order to study their supposed demonic heritage. After decades of study the group recognized the error of their ways and as a way to make up for their actions took active steps to spread the word that tieflings are in no way related to demons. Multiple images of the demon Valnor decorate the temple as he was one of the primary demons to make deals with mortals.  
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The location of the library was rediscovered in the year 1263 by Group 3 after many centuries of having been lost. Upon discovering the location, Group 3 found the doors barred from the outside implying that the massive gates had been sealed from the outside. After gaining entrance the group began exploring the library to find it completely deserted with the exception of a few spirits that interacted with the group by leaving old notes communicating the final weeks within the library’s walls.   Further clues told that an agreement between the group that ran the library and the dwarves of Stonsunder existed, and that the dwarves were the ones who had sealed the doors from the outside, closing the remaining library members inside with no hope of escape. This had been done in response to the fact that the library had become “tainted” due to some irresponsible experiment that had opened some sort of portal into the demonic plain. Fortunately a magical seal had been created that kept demons from being able to freely to enter the library, and then consequently the overworld of Ellara.   The only other “living” things that the group discovered were Darmock and a flock of tiny demons. When speaking with Marrek, it was discovered that Darmock had killed the demon Valnor and taken his place in the demonic ranks.   One of the seven resurrection scrolls was discovered in a hidden area of the library.