Arc 2 - Episode #060


General Summary

3rd of Fara'ure
After a day of uneventful travel, the party stumbles across an abandoned campsite off of the road. Braylon sneaks into the camp and grabs a few things and after examining them, the rest go back to take a closer look. A calling card for a group called The Collectors is found near the tent. A few belongings are kept and the group enters the nearby Edenbright Caverns to begin their search. far fown in the cave, following the sound of moving water they stumble upon one of the plants they need to complete one of the potions. They also seem to get the attention of a creature called a Diracha who begins to chase them.  

Locations Visited

  • Eldenbright Cavern

Trivia note:

It comes out n this episode that both Kallie and Larg have twin siblings.

Group B

Player Characters

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Report Date
03 Mar 2019