Arc 1 - Episode #100

Where Do We Go From Here?

General Summary

The episode opens with the worlds longest "Lets go around the table!" which could have been longer as several people were left out for later surprises.

(04:25 - 29:00) 12th Day of Amada, Year 1253
Group 1 sifts through Loreweavers possessions. They decide to make their way to Uman' Yiro to get help destroying the plague. Drakonis picks up the Rod of Wonder.  
(29:05 - 53:40) 14th Day of Amada
Group 2 continues to sail to the Yemgar swamp, catching Craig up on what happened to Straad.  
(53:40 - 1:23:15) 15th Day of Amada
Group 3 is at House Dragonkeep searching books and studying. Jadzia talks to Tessia. Graddik appears, gets manhandled by Una and asks for their help to deal with Silverclaw.  
(1:23:15 - 1:44:50) 26th Day of Amada
Group 4 are assembled in the courtyard in Overwatch. Given their first mission by Poe and Briahna: Bring building supplies to Durnhollow.  
(1:44:55 - 2:11:10)
Group 1 makes it to Durnhollow and spends the night.  
(2:11:15 - 2:29:45)
Group 2 gets to the swamp and narrowly avoids being eaten by giant spiders.  
(2:29:50 - 2:59:25)
Group 3 visits House Silverclaw and talks to Oolanda the Blade about Sariff and Graddik. Fie, Calluna, Marrek and Una go to Aldmoor.  
(2:59:25 - 3:41:55) 4th Day of Dulin, Year 1261
D.R.P. begins by sealing Shavvar into the Elven tomb and return to Brightport. Graddik asks them to pick something up in Esterholt from Darmock. They meet a Gnome Artificer named Sonia who joins the team.  
(3:41:55 - 4:20:22)
Group 2 continues through the swamp, encountering viney grabbers and basilisks.  
(4:20:25 - 4:44:00)
Group 1 wakes in Durnhollow and Drakonis is missing. They get back on the road to Uman' Yiro. They meet Derthag outside of Durnhollow and he joins the group.  
(4:44:10 - 4:59:25)
Group 4 leaves camp and encounter some baby red dragons on the way to Durnhollow.  
(4:59:26 - 5:19:18)
Group 1, still on the road narrowly avoids being roasted by a red dragon. Oliver, Drakonis' horse dies in the attack.  
(5:19:23 - 5:29:15)
Group 2 gets attacked by rodents of unusual size.  
(5:29:17 - 5:52:10)
D.R.P. gets to Esterholt and deals with Darmock and meets a younger Jadzia.  
(5:52:15 - 6:31:05)
Group 1 finally makes it to Uman' Yiro to get help with the plague. They meet Rocca and some silliness ensues with Duncan, Yenward and Derthag. Rocca turns out to be Malchus in disguise and after explaining his actions, rejoins the group.  
(6:31:10 - 6:55:10)
Group 3 discovers Jadzia is missing. Vallus and Una nearly come to blows until a letter from Jadzia is found and read, explaining where she went.  
(6:55:12 - 7:21:50)
Group 2 finally makes it to the Witch's cabin. She reads Khoury's lithoderms, which she explain's as Khoury is cursed to doom whoever is close to her and Daegon agrees to bring Briahna to the Witch.  
(7:22:00 - 7:23:19) 21st Day of Amada, Year 1263
A lone Dragonborn waits in the fighting pit to challenge the leader of the clan for the position, and is asked "what makes you think you can do what so many have not been able to do before you?" and Kava replies "cos I ain't no little bitch!"  


Notable Kills

  • Oliver, killed by a red dragon


  • Jadzia calls Tessia her mother-in-law. She and Vallus did not get married "off-camera"
  • Fact: Whores get the job done.
  • Everyone loves stew

Groups 1, 2, 3, 4, and DRP

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Release date: 09 Feb 2015 - Download the Episode

Report Date
19 Feb 2015