Arc 1 - Episode #096

Anchors Aweigh

General Summary

The new crew of the Drifting Blade set sail but quickly notice a body perched on the cliff outside of Odysia. Layla and Khoury talk the rest into going back to check on the body. They, along with Braylon row the dingy towards the cliff and after reaching a small ledge above the body, Khoury finds that it is still breathing. Thinking quickly, they fashion a harness and begin to lower Braylon down to heal the person.


After Braylon sings a healing song to stabilize the paladin, the ladies pull he and Braylon back up.

Once back on the ship, they are again on their way around the coast. The first day is uneventful but as the second day passes, Aralove sees Overwatch on the coast and opens to a little to Daegon. Overnight, the weather turns bad as a storm begins to rage. Wind and rain batter the ship and the crew begins to hear strange noises as large heads peek up over the sides of the ship and attack.

Mid-fight, Snickers is grabbed by 2 hydra heads, ripped in half and pulled overboard to be devoured. Khoury lands the killing blow on the hydra and stares overboard for any sign of Snickers.

Braylon and Daegon go below deck to check on their passenger and find him awake and trying to stand.


Notable Kills

  • Snickers, killed by the hydra
  • Hydra, killed by Khoury

Locations Visited


Art by Jaycub (D&R forum name)

Player Characters

Release date: 15 Dec 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
15 Dec 2014