Arc 1 - Episode #083

A Well Oiled Machine

General Summary

The weary group continues their adventure through the crypt and opening the last chest in the room. Upon opening the chest, they discover it is a specific case for the great axe kept within. The axe is of Dragonborn build given to the Elves and the name translates roughly to "Skull Splitter". Kava claims the axe as Travis stacks coffins in the doorway so they can get some rest.

After they rest the continue on their way through the dungeon in search of the bowl. Shavvar manages to awaken another room full of skeletons while attempting to be stealthy and the rest of the party attempts to lock him in the room with them to teach him a lesson. He quickly opens an arcane gate into the hallway allowing the party to come in and help him and the skeletons to get out forcing the others to help kill them.

Once the skeletons are defeated they keep searching and find a thin walkway with deep pits on either side and hammer traps to knock people into the pits. Nem crosses in gas form and then waits for the others to cross. Travis pushes Shavvar onto the walkway to test for traps, which he finds and is almost knocked into one of the pits. Nem helps to pull him back onto the walkway and they are attacked by spiders. After that, everyone begins to cross the bridge to fight and several are almost killed in the process, but once they kill the spiders and make it across, they find the Gravy Boat of Pestilence in the next room.

The group decides to take another rest and once they are healed up try to continue the search. They find more traps and in one of the last rooms Shavvar finds some solid gold weapons hanging on a wall. He tries to take a dagger and the door slams shut locking him inside, needing rescue from the others. The party beats the door down and rescues Shavvar but afterwards they decide they have had enough of the traps and head for the exit.

As the weary group exits,Kava attacks Shavvar and knocks him unconscious, nearly killing him. The others steal all of the gold weapons and Kayleth heals him back up.

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Release date: 14 Oct 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
14 Oct 2014