Arc 1 - Episode #080

Scum And Villainy

General Summary

2 days have passed since the encounter with Sariff, when a knock at the door reveals two Graycloaks have come to talk.

They give the party some details about Sariff and his association with House Silverclaw and Marrash and explain that he may be working on his own and might not be associated with Silverclaw at this point.

After they leave, Fie and Briahna go to see Cecil at the Twin Foxes pub and their intimidation attempt fails, leaving them lucky to leave without things turning violent. They return to the house and explain the situation, and then returning in full force, minus Brie who stays at the house.

Once they enter, little talk is exchanged before a fight erupts. The group focuses on Cecil and after Vallus knocks him out, Marrek simply picks him up, leaves some gold for drinks and everyone leaves with an unconscious Cecil in tow.

As the episode closes, we hear Carter giving his "Long Live The King" speech to the people of Overwatch.


Notable Kills

  • Cecil, knocked out by Vallus

Locations Visited

Player Characters

Release date: 24 Sep 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
24 Sep 2014