Arc 1 - Episode #079

The Road

General Summary

After the fight with Trevor, the group tries to figure out how to deal with Haven after he is bitten. They return to Lochfort. Khoury and Haven wait outside of town while the others go in to collect their payment, finish their business in town and leave. They decide to make their way to Uman' Yiro to research a cure of some sort for Haven.

The group decides not to risk staying in town and having Haven get discovered so they walk out of town and camp not too far away. They are alerted to the sound of a large creature nearby and while they douse the fire and try to hide are discovered by a large briar troll.

A fight unavoidably starts and Haven is immediately hit hard, causing him to lose control and turn into a werewolf. The fight goes well for the party for a few moments before quickly looking bleak. The troll knocks Sevedus out, then later double hits Trixy, killing her instantly and then turning his attention to Acteronis. Everyone continues to fight as the troll slams Acteronis with a fist, crushing his armored form into the ground. Daegon, sensing things are going to end badly, lands a force punch followed by Decimate which kills the troll and sends the bodies of Trixy and Acteronis into a crevasse.

Haven, still in wolf form, begins to attack Sevedus who is still bleeding and unconscious on the ground. With no way to heal or help at this point, Khoury and Daegon flee the field, not sure whether they should run back to Lochfort or make their way to Whitehedge leaving Haven to deal with the aftermath on his own.


Notable Kills

  • Trixy, killed by the briar troll
  • Acteronis, killed by the briar troll
  • Sevedus, killed by Haven

Locations Visited


  • This episode created the phobia of camping among the players.

Player Characters

Release date: 15 Sep 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
15 Sep 2014