Arc 1 - Episode #074

Blood In, Blood Out

General Summary

Fie and Briahna continue their fight against the guard patrol outside of the Mayor's house in Esterholt after the revelation that Brie apparently is powerless. Fie kills several guards while Briahna grabs a sword and tries to help him and they escape unharmed after the last guards are dispatched. As they run back towards the house they are called over to an alley and meet Marrek and Calluna, two travelers who have been watching the group and want to join the fight against the Overwatch. They all go back to Jadzia's house and everyone is introduced but that is overshadowed by Una getting furious when she learns Brie snuck out of the house only hours after being resurrected. Everyone else quickly leaves the room but Fie hides behind a nearby door in case things get violent.

Meanwhile, Jadzia is studying her ritual books as Vallus waits nearby and Ironhide gets to know Marrek and Calluna.

Una and Brie argue and nearly come to blows while Fie listens in, and in the next room, Jadzia and Vallus have a more private conversation. Una kisses Brie to make her mad, but instead gets kissed back. Fie realizes he is stuck between two couples realizing for the first time that they may be romantically involved and has no way to escape.

The next morning Craig stops by to deliver a half-orc named Nyark and explains why he was in the dungeons as well as why the Overwatch are in town.

Ironhide decides to strangle Nyark as a method for killing him and then Jadzia, with Vallus' help kills Ironhide and collects his soul. The group convenes to watch Jadzia perform the ritual to put Ironhide's soul into the new body and while Vallus nearly gets dragged off to another dimension, the spell is successful and Ironhide takes time to get used to his new body.

Una, Calluna, Marrek and Ironhide go to see Craig and let him know the ritual was a success as well as work out the details that will put them in a room with Marcus.

The rest of the day is uneventful and the party makes plans on what to do when they confront Marcus.

During the night, Ironhide sneaks out of the house without saying a word or leaving a note and in the morning the others have some choice words for him.


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Release date: 03 Aug 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
03 Aug 2014