Arc 1 - Episode #064


General Summary

As the sounds of the fight with Ian fade, Una wraps Briahna's body in Ironhide's tabard, retrieves Kord's Gale from Ian's corpse and along with Jadzia, Fie, Vallus and Ironhide leave for Esterholt to try to resurrect Brie and try to save Ironhide.

Thoril, Duncan and Yenward try to figure out where to go from here and decide that they should be the ones to explain what happened to Nathaniel. They find him nearby and tell him the story and as he grieves for his parents, they all decide to stay close and sleep at Winterhaven Hall for the night. In the morning they are approached by a guard, one Michael Easton who tells them that the Dwarves and Minotaurs are close to openly fighting outside the gates. Thoril and Yenward decide to try to talk to Lariss and Stonesunder and get them to stop bickering and find the Dwarves ripping the heads from the Warforged bodies and hitting them with their hammers.

Together, the 3 remaining party members manage to get Stonesunder to keep the Dwarves away from the Minotaurs even as Stonesunder verbally disparages Duncan for being a bard.


Notable Kills

Locations Visited


  • Possibly the first episode that Group 1 didn't kill something and solved a problem with diplomacy

Player Characters

Release date: 01 Jul 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
01 Jul 2014