Arc 1 - Episode #055


General Summary

Picking up after the fight with the vampires, the group realizes Jadzia has been bitten and Liara suggests giving her a mercy killing. Una and Fie insist they will not do that and Jadzia draws a dagger to protect herself from anyone trying. Liara and Briahna leave to head for Winterhaven and the army leaders waiting there, but not before Liara gives Una some cash to hire a bodyguard.

The group finds Vallus at the bar and hires him as muscle for the trip and they speed toward Esterholt where a crazy blood mage may or may not save Jadzia. As they travel they have to crash through an Overwatch road block and then rest for a short time as Jadzia is getting sicker.

Once they arrive at Darmock's manor in Esterholt, they are greeted by Jeffrey, Darmock's manservant and ask for help curing Jadzia's vampirism. Darmock agrees after he is told she may die shortly and he begins the ritual.

He stabs Fie in the hand with a dagger and digs his thumbs into the wound to make the blood flow, causing Fie to black out. Una catches him and heals his hand while Darmock gets creepy with Jadzia. After a while, the ritual is complete and Fie finally wakes up, Jadzia rebukes Darmock and he gets even creepier and then the fight is on! Vallus and Fie get stabby, Una gets controlled and whacks Jadzia with her hammer, Jadzia immobilizes Darmock and Vallus and Una both score critical hits on him.

Darmock attempts to flee the house but is struck down by Jadzia before he can make it to the door and collects his soul in the Helm of Seven Deaths (covered in the next episode)


Notable Kills

  • Darmock, killed by Jadzia

Locations Visited


* Fie says, after being stabbed in the hand "Gonna have to amputate that". Little did he know...

Player Characters

Release date: 28 Apr 2014 - Download the Episode

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28 Apr 2014
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