Arc 1 - Episode #054

Have Faith

General Summary

Following the fight with Kealthorn, looting the cave and descaling the corpse everyone sits down to chat and we get a little more backstory on Jadzia and Liara. Liara and Brie are told of Rodswell's betrayal and in the morning they head back to the clearing at Cal Cos and meet Graddick who is there to attempt to fix the titan for Yenward. Una, Fie and Jadzia find Gavin's hat and make a small grave for him on the edge of the clearing.

When they finally make it to Aubrey, Artimus agrees to make their armor if they agree to test his holy water supply against some vampires.

During the vampire fight, Jadzia is bitten and the episode ends with the party wondering what their next move should be.


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Release date: 10 Apr 2014 - Download the Episode

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10 Apr 2014
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