Arc 1 - Episode #053

Only The Strong

General Summary

The gang heads for the floating city of Uman' Yiro and are met by Tamlen and then introduced to Ellanan Duskwalker. Malchus asks for aid in the war and they are told in no uncertain terms that Uman' Yiro doesn't interfere with the world below.

Ellanan gives some exposition about the original warforged and their creation and subsequent banishment from the city. He also gives them some insight into the beacon controlling the Overwatch warforged and they gather some info on the gates. Before they leave, Ironhide threatens the Archmage by saying when the war is done he will return again.

Once business in Uman' Yiro has concluded the group leaves for Or'Rash to make their last plea for help from the Dragonborn. Before they arrive, Drakonis tells the guys that he is not welcome in the city and disguises himself as Chester, a generic Dragonborn. They find Hesskin, the leader of the clan and after being offered a 2 on 2 combat against Hesskin and his second, Karrik, Ironhide suggests that Drakonis duel Hesskin 1 on 1, much to the confusion of everyone.

The battle begins and Drakonis throws everything he has at Hesskin but is clearly losing the fight and in the last moment before he is finished off, Yenward throws Stormrender at Hesskin, killing him.

Drakonis is forced to explain his banishment and anger at Hesskin (and possibly his hatred of children in general) to stop them all from being killed before they can leave the city. Karrik is convinced to use the anger of the clan in the upcoming war and the final piece of the army is put into place.


Notable Kills

  • Hesskin, killed by Yenward

Locations Visited


* Chester was the name of Jake's character in the first episode of InSpectres.

Player Characters

Release date: 01 Apr 2014 - Download the Episode

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01 Apr 2014
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