Arc 1 - Episode #051

To be a Champion - Part 1

General Summary

Welcome to the Tournament of Champions!

The group is pitted in a 3 round combat challenge to prove their skill and worth to Captain Tenbolt.

In round one, they face several Dragonborn fighters and Poe demonstrates his ability to punch them in the throat when hitting them with his sword fails. The fight is tough but not deadly for the group as they leave the arena only slightly battered but ready for more.

When the second round starts, Flo is sent into the arena as punishment for having a traitor for a son. She has a large sword but no protective gear at all. Once the team sets up to protect her, Rodswell is thrown in and told to fight for his life as well.

They face a group of White Ravens and Flo is nearly killed in the melee. The episode ends as the group dispatches the Ravens and they are allowed to return to their room to rest between rounds.


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Release date: 26 Mar 2014 - Download the Episode

Report Date
26 Mar 2014
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