Arc 1 - Episode #046

Solemn Vow

General Summary

This episode picks up a few hours after the events of Episode 45 and questions and tensions begin to arise among the group members.

After resting for the night, it is time to leave for the mission to destroy the titan elite in the Evergreen. Along the way they make a pit stop at the camp where Sergeant Baker trains the new recruits. Gavin distracts Sergeant Baker while Una confronts Poe about his beating Briahna. A fight/chase ensues, Poe pisses his pants and Una makes her point that others should not break her vows.

Trudging through the Evergreen the party is attacked by a group of drakes and are nearly overwhelmed. After the fight they limp away and continue on their journey and decide stealth may be the best course of action until Una critical misses the stealth roll, sounds the "stealth trumpet" and the beaten and battered Crimson Shield are confronted by an Elven patrol near the encampment.

Una again takes the lead, speaking to them in Elven, explaining that they are running from the Overwatch and need protection, speeding up their trip to Cal Cas and putting everyone's lives in mortal danger. They are introduced to Liara and Brettana Moonshadow, the leaders of the White Ravens and the Elves and given assurances that they will be protected. Liara soon takes them to a hut to talk and Briahna is revealed to still be alive, putting the group at odds with Una and making their mission nearly impossible to complete. Everyone assures Briahna and Liara that they aren't going to cause problems but within a few hours, they steal some horses, hastily attempt to blow up the titan and escape.

The plan only partially works as Gavin misses his throw with the explosives, Una's horse is littered with arrows and falls on her and the rest of the party escapes.

Will the team be able to rescue Una? Will they even try? Tune in to episode 48 to find out!


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Release date: 03 Mar 2014 - Download the Episode

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03 Mar 2014
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