Arc 1 - Episode #043

The Pious Man

General Summary

As the group is preparing to head out to Durnhollow, they are summoned to see Commander Grace. He says Rodswell Joybottom arrived during the night and would like them to speak to him to see what they can learn.

Marcus takes the lead in the talks with Rodswell and the story of how Malchus and his group came back from Drock's tomb and lost 17 years and that they are building an army. Rodswell is concerned for his safety and wants to hold on to some information to guarantee that he won't just be killed.

Commander Grace is told of this and asks that they propose to Rodswell that he make a good faith gesture and resurrect Fie, which he does after some discussions and some members of the group going to gather Flo and bring her to the area where Rodswell would perform the revival.

Once Fie comes back to the world of the living, the crew immediately sets off to complete their mission in Durnhollow. They meet with Captain Arroway who informs them that Jeb, brother to the murdered Nu'Val member Merle wants revenge on the people who killed his brother and if they aren't delivered he will burn Durnhollow to the ground.

Jeb is confronted and almost agrees to not burn the town if a business arrangement can me made until Una questions why they are even negotiating with the scumbag and a fight quickly erupts. The team fights well together to target Jeb and his goons and Fie quickly strikes Jeb down which ends the melee.

The slaves that Jeb brought with him are asked to help fix and rebuild the town, which they do and Captain Arroway agrees to put the town under Overwatch protection.

The episode concludes with some American Gladiator discussions and plotting for the next episode.


Notable Kills

  • Jeb Richards, killed by Fie

Locations Visited


* The first instance of Izzy saying "yeah, fuck it" when asked "do you really say that?"

Player Characters

Release date: 19 Feb 2014 - Download the Episode

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19 Feb 2014
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