Arc 1 - Episode #035

Road Trip, Part 1

General Summary

In Brightport, plans continue for the renovation and overall cleaning of the house, including building a door for Amarah, the dragon. Suddenly, a familiar figure appears on the doorstep of House Dragonkeep. Graddik has lost favor of Silverclaw, due to his interactions with the group. He now wants to be associated with DragonKeep, as a means for protection. Though the group is skeptical, he is tasked with small chores to gain their trust, firstly being sent to find out what happened to Tala’s body. David the steward tells the new heads of the house that there was a scheduled meeting with head of the other houses in a few days, which they need to prepare for. Also, while studying Thermack’s diaries, it is discovered that he and King Zannon Carter of the Overwatch had an alliance. What will the group do with this new information?

Meanwhile, Baranith and Vallus take to the road towards Whitehedge. On the way there, they come upon a cart that was delivering the supplies intended for House Darksbane. They discover that gnolls attacked the carriage, taking the supplies with them. Baranith and Vallus track the gnolls to their horde and, after a hard-fought battle, defeat the creatures and reclaim their possessions. Baranith expresses angrily her attachment for Vallus, not understanding why he would put his life on the line for her. They both open up about their past, and why they each remind the other of a beloved person. Now, they continue towards Whitehedge, waiting for the next adventure on the open road...


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Release date: 30 Dec 2013 - Download the Episode

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30 Dec 2013
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